The popular professionals you know in your industry didn’t just become celebrities in their field. Every one of them has over the years worked hard to get to where they are today and that’s why they aren’t just members of the industry workforce, they are brands in their own right.

Making a name for yourself in your industry distinguishes you from others in the field. It gives you a brand name that people can positively associate with, learn from and even take as a role model.


If you want to be an authority, whose opinion shapes opinions here’s all you need to do.

  1.     Get your message to large groups

To make a name for yourself in your career, you’ll need to frequently be in a gathering where your expertise would be needed. You’ll have to share your knowledge and opinions about trends and issues in your field with people. Speaking at events helps to get your message out. Many people will get to know you not as a random guy in the industry but as a guest speaker, an authority in the industry.

  1.     Write and Publish articles online

As a famous professional you aspire to become, sharing your knowledge with people should be something you do regularly. Writing opinion articles and publishing online is a fast and powerful way to build your online presence and your brand. The more you share your knowledge on social media and blog-posts, the more relevance you gain in your industry. And this in the long run helps you build a distinct identity.

  1.       Get social media likes and shares

Social medial likes and share buttons are social currency, you can buy a good reputation with it.

The more you post and share your thoughts, the more followers you gain on social media. Staying active on social media is the best way to become visible and popular among your online followers. While you do this, remember that the like, the share and the retweet buttons are like social currencies, you can use them to buy yourself a good reputation both online and offline.

  1.     Stay on top of trends

Don’t sleep on it. Stay on top of the latest issues, trends and ideas in your field. If you need to upgrade your knowledge through conferences, seminars, classes and certifications, don’t delay it. Your knowledge and awareness of the happenings in your industry position you as a thought leader in the field.

  1.     Serve your community

Is there an association or an organization where you might find people in your industry? If there’s any, join the association and share your knowledge with them too. You might end up being the voice of that association. And guess what that’ll give your brand, more publicity.

What else do you need to do?

Nothing more really. Just take advantage of these five avenues to build your profile and become a thought leader, an opinion shaper and a role model for people who want to build a career in your industry.


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