Hello Guys,

Here are some interesting ways to be extra-sweet when your wife or girlfriend is pregnant with your child. 10 actually.

Being a great man to your pregnant wife or partner is non negotiable. At some point of that sweet romantic journey with the love of your life, she’s going to get pregnant with your child, and you’d have to not just be there for her, you need to be spectacular at it.

Here are ways to be a fantastic boyfriend or husband in the course of your partner’s pregnancy.

  1. Be understanding

She might be feeling too nauseous to even touch the food she was craving so badly just an hour ago. She may also be too tired to go to that party, or too desperate for the bathroom to stop crying on the motorway. Be a special sweetheart from the first day till after the birth of the child. 

As her hormones wreak havoc on her body and mind, you may find that she gets upset about inconsequential things. Give her a break. Pregnancy has its fair share of ups and downs, but you can make it much easier by cutting her a little slack.

  1. Be strong for her

Really, growing a baby is exhausting and now that she’s pregnant, there are many ways you can help her out and make life easier for her. The best place to start is around the home. Take on a few extra chores so that your partner can get some much-needed sleep without the house falling into disarray. Pregnancy takes its toll on her energy levels.

  1. Look after her

In summation, just look after your woman, whatever her peculiar pregnancy routine is. Different women go through pregnancy in different ways and you need to be willing and ready to help your babe through hers in a special way that’s tailor-suited for her personal 9-month journey.

  1. Tell her she’s beautiful

Her body will go through changes. Stretch marks, swollen feet, weight gain, and all that stuff. While she won’t be feeling much like her old self, it is your responsibility to always remind her that she’s gorgeous, especially when she really puts in effort to look so.

Compliment her on her bump, and make sure she knows just how much you love her.

  1. Be extra sensitive

During pregnancy, women’s senses are heightened so you have to be extra sensitive too.

  1. Be there for her

This is what your babe needs most – YOU. There is no better way to support your partner during pregnancy than to be there. And not only are you to be there for her physically, but emotionally as well. Go with her to as many antenatal checkups as you can, and make sure you are there for the ultrasound scans.

Even before the baby bump shows, and long after the baby arrives, loving your partner right has to be your priority. 

  1. Prioritize her

Whether or not she’s pregnant, you’d need this in your relationship with your special woman. Now that she’s pregnant, however, it becomes triple important that your priority is her and the well-being of your baby growing inside her.

There’ll be days of ridiculous cravings at awkward times, mood swings and whatnot. Be prepared to be there through all of that.

  1. Sex

This is even medically advisable and you should absolutely do. There’s a tact to it however, and you should pay attention to it as much as you want to be careful to not hurt her.

  1. Create some memories

Modern relationships are rife with pregnancy shoots and beautiful memories created before the unwrapping of the bundle of joy. So when your babe says it’s time for the pregnancy shoot, don’t shoot down the idea and don’t make yourself scarce as well.

  1. Massages

She’ll be needing a lot of this in that period. Whether it’s foot rubs, lower back rubs or all over body massages she wants, now is the time to be not just a husband, but also an a-grade masseuse.

After the birth, your partner will need time to recover. She will be exhausted, sore and hormonal, and will be relying on you for support. Help with the baby, and do as many nappy changes as you can. If she’s breastfeeding, make sure that she feels supported, and seek help for her if she is struggling. Cook meals, help your partner get some sleep, and make sure she knows just how much you love her. 





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