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Being a new mom could be exhausting. After delivery, every mum wants to be sure that they are feeding well. This is because a healthy mum is more likely to raise a healthy child, especially if that child is exclusively breastfed. A diet plan will help you replenish lost energy and nutrients and in this article, we’ll discuss the classes and types of food that are important for new mums after delivery and during breastfeeding phases of her life.

Every new mum needs protein-rich meals in her diet plan. Such meals include peas, seeds, poultry foods, lean meats and legumes. Snacking on cashew nuts or boiled groundnuts, enjoying spicy goat meat or fish peppersoups, having chicken stews or baked chicken on a regular basis, adding eggs to your salads and milk to your tea, are some sure ways of ensuring that your protein intake is sufficient.

Carbohydrate helps in producing enough milk for your precious baby; it’s a good source of energy and stabilizes your blood sugar levels, but always remember to avoid intake of raw sugar, as this can dangerously escalate your blood sugar levels. Brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal, yam, bread, potato are rich in carbohydrate, and can be added to your diet plan. Your Chef or ReliefHelps ‘ amazing Postpartum Caregivers (Baby Nurses) can prepare potato porridge, coconut rice, ofe nsala with pounded yam, quinoa and chicken sauce, oat porridge or healthy oat cookies for snacks. These are just a few of the numerous options available to explore.

Fats are very good for new mums because they contribute to the development of their baby’s brain. Using healthy oils (e.g. olive oil) for your stews, as well as eating a lot of catfish roasts, peppersoups, baked salmon and fish nsala soup, are some ways of adding fat to your diet.

Vegetables and fruits have lots of fiber that help in digestion, thereby preventing constipation. Your Chef or our naturally caring Baby Nurses for new mums can prepare fruit salads, juices or parfaits for dessert.

As you may already know, water is very much compulsory for every breastfeeding mum and lots of it is needed to prevent dehydration. At ReliefHelps, our nurses are more than willing to prepare the most healthy meals for breastfeeding mums after delivery.

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