Jane Etowa is the beautiful, sexy and inteligent lady behind the JM Signatures make up and beauty brand. A graduate of the University of Calabar who is gradually revolutionalising the make up industry. This week, Jane spoke with Hype9ja on the success of her brand and her motivation. Read complete interview below:

Hype9ja: Tell us about yourself?

My name is Jane Etowa. My friends call me jhayneey (janey). I’m 24 years, first of 3 kids. Hail from Cross river state. I’m a makeup artist and an entrepreneur.

Hype9ja: As a young girl, what inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

It’s always been my dream to own a makeup line, so it didn’t take much convincing for me to start working on my brand. I just knew I wasn’t cut out for the 9-5 jobs and had started making plans for my business since my 2nd year in the Iniversity.

Hype9ja: You started out as a model and video vixen. Why did you drop it for makeup?

That’s true. Well, back then when I was in that industry models/vixens were not respected. The pay wasn’t so attractive unless you’re getting gigs back to back. Also we were sometimes perceived as hoes or easy targets for sexual advances. It took the grace of God not to be duped or harassed. Basically back then being a model/vixen was a big deal that required a lot of maintenance but then again the reward wasn’t worth it for me so I decided I’d rather have a handwork I’ll be respected for.

Hype9ja: how has the experience as an entrepreneur been for you, knowing how difficult it is for new businesses in Nigeria.

It’s been a wavy ride but I see myself as a wave surfer and I’m surfing the waves with my God by my side. It’s just been God’s grace because it’s not easy especially in a country like Nigeria where nobody actually cares about you. They’re only looking for things that pay them in cash or in kind.

Hype9ja: Your beauty line seems to have been quickly accepted even by A list celebrities. How did you do that?

That was just strategy. I had to work on a good strategy to get people to embrace the new brand, so I used my makeup artistry to get people to know about the brand. Started with increasing my rates a Little to accommodate the items as complimentary with the service package. Then when I noticed it had some level of acceptance I removed it and made it stand on its own as it is now. 

Hype9ja: Would you say this strategy contributed to the success of your new product, JM Lashes?

Yes It actually did make people more aware of my lash brand.

Hype9ja: Where do you see JM signatures in the next 5 years?

Award winning/Globally known brand by God’s grace.

Hype9ja: Should we be expecting more products from JM Signatures?

Definitely working on adding other products to the line very soon by God’s grace

Hype9ja: It’s been great talking to you. Thank you for your time
It’s been my pleasure. Thank you .

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