Burna Boy

I don’t like Burnaboy, I dont like how he carries himself around proudly and arrogantly. So I don’t really pay attention to him. I guess the cancel culture also got hold of me without me even knowing. But then this is a dangerous precedent. This is why we kill our prophets and their message in our hearts. Just because, Fela smokes, avoid him…. We fail to hear the message because of the messenger.

Now the BET awards have barefaced even unintentional critics like me in the face. What are the lessons we can get from this boy’s story? The story here relates to the special variant of feminine gender namely motherhood and the relevant impact of shaping new generation. A bonding with uteral beginnings further impresses into every of life. So pervasive and efficacious! Its solution rendering insights is to “listen to your mother”. Greatness abounds in this counsel. This not so much as the physical, biological mother as it is of mother figures. The destination is the glorious embrace of some soft feminine symbolisms of human life hidden beneath cultures.
So there’s the ambitious boy with a mid-level music career finding relevance in a highly competitive space finding. Disrupting our attention while everyone’s enjoying the pendulum of the two most accepted youngsters with his hits. Those songs also caught the attention of award organizers. Hits brought awards. It wasn’t definitely the smoke or anything. It was a mother’s touch which was revealed at the award ceremony. Burna’s mom came with a promise on the stage while she received the award for his son that day. She assured us it was just the beginning. The moon never waned ever since.
We know the world owes its civilization to the success of motherhood and how she hardly cancels her own. Isaiah 49:15. This is just one of those testimonials.
© Showunmi Rex 29/6/2020

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