Once upon a time, or so would the story read if the separation between the popular music group P-Square eventually sees daylight.  So shocking to know that dispute between brothers can become a hydra-headed monster that would continue to grow after cutting it down. 

Siblings rivalry is not new to our clime, neither is it new to our specie. It dates back to the evolutionary past of our reptilian brain.  In fact, we share it with lower creatures. The famous Satellite channel, NatGeoWild have a documentary to support this claim. One of the documented footages was of one eaglet pushing the younger one out of the nest off the cliff. It was a further attestation to how the struggle for attention and higher aspirations can lead apart even siblings who took their genetic composition from the same DNA pool and gained their creativity for music from the lub-dub of the same mother’s heartbeat. 

This instinct is made more elaborate in success. It is like a curse following growth and greatness. And how a group manage success will go a long way in how long they remain together. Success has a way of increasing appetite, desires and cravings. Suddenly, the individual feels trapped in the present space, tormented by everything aside the sweet enticing clouds of freedom that she dreams of flying. She wants to be free as the birds depending only on the strength of their wings and the effectiveness of an inbuilt aerodynamics. However, whether freedom shrinks successful groups to a diminishing end  or opens newer, bigger opportunities is only a question which answer lies in the future.  

But group breakups are not bad in themselves, most times it separates the wheat from the chaff and allows each individual to enjoy the freedom to chart the course of their destiny the precise way they would prefer it. Besides, breakups may be ways of avoiding a total breakdown from toxic or parasitic relationships.
The emotions of not letting go may make fans frown at group breakups but sometimes it presents the opportunities for free spirits to rise to their galaxies. Peter is taking his chances and perhaps sees as better antecedents stars like Tuface, Olu Maintain, Idris AbdulKareem, and others. Only in freedom can a man conquer injustice, whether real or imagined. 

Some people are wired to function best in groups, others are just who they are : free spirits. Their destiny lies in independence. As Frederich Nietzsche observed in his book Human, All to Human , free spirits are “like the prophetic birds of antiquity… they must prefer to fly alone.”

Parting gift:   1. No two experiences are the same    2. One shall chase a thousand, two, ten thousand.