Pro Oduduwa Republic agitator, Adekunle Grandson, who came into limelight after threatening to use biological weapons on Igbos and Hausas, took to his Facebook page to share a message alledgedly sent to him.

“Readout of Olu Akani Ade:

The greatest percentage of Yoruba females are now oloshos (prostitutes), both in corporate and street sector of Yorubaland to satisfy the satanic sexual lust of Nigeria political elites while their male folks, I mean damn it, the children of Oduduwa and Awolowo are now Yahoo boys and ritualists to make money.

Worst of all, the spiritual life of half of the Yoruba population (Muslims), is being controlled by the Sultan of Sokoto, whose Caliphate was established by Othman Dan Fodio just around 1814, compare to Yoruba civilization that started about 900 years ago by Oduduwa, not to talk of Bilikis Oshugbo civilization in Ijebu Ode 200 years after the death of Jesus Christ. This civilization was recognised by the United Nations as the largest city civilization in human history considering its walls and rulership spread through Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Ondo and some sections of Edo.

I stand with Adeyinka Grandson. I stand with Oduduwa Republic.”