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Loquacious Obinna (the narrator), intelligent Bola, Notorious Tega, Contentious Ebi, Conservative Yemi and Outgoing Yekini are bound to keep you glued to this script of their lives as it unfolds for you to understand what the average youth goes through, storms they weather and tasks they undertake for the sake of friendship and brotherhood……………of course when the BOYS ARE IN THEIR ELEMENTS, they are bound to be ambitious.

My problem with beans had always been a talking point in my household.

While my father insists I get whatever I desire for a meal based on my time being at home, my mother and elder sister seriously opposes my every choice in fact my every move and opinion on “national” issues regarding the running of the house claiming them to be excessive.

My argument against eating beans is based on the heart burn it gives me whenever it is served as dinner and whilst my sister says daddy does not complain, my mother insists a child must bear with the parents on whatsoever they can afford especially now I am under their care and “roof”.

My nightmare comes whenever I visit the kitchen to check the food time-table on the door discovering we are eating beans for dinner. As a matter of fact it appears three times a week on that ‘stupid’ piece of paper.

Mtchewwwwww……..beans again!!! And I can hear my elder sis laughing sarcastically.

I hate it when she puts up that “I do not care attitude at my grimace”.

Mama Toni, our neighbor in her usual “Amebo”manner had jokingly said it that I should not mind her, soon she will be on her way to her husband’s house and I will own everything to myself. But come to think of it what does my father have? I see that talk as one for children not for one of my age.

All my mind was centered on was going back to school once the chaoscalms down a bit, not having time for useless gossips with a flippant tongue or her running to our apartment at the sound of every normal family dispute that is bound to be settled at the appropriate time.

The misunderstanding with my sister is a normal one not one beyond control and even my parents know I have maximum respect for her but I do not just get along with the fact that she accuses me of being a cultist at every slightest opportunity she gets.

She had even said it in the open that whenever I decide to be one of them, (that is if I have not soiled my hands, that I will definitely get killed sighting examples  of those she knew that had gone down that path with miserable stories they never lived to tell) she will never cry when I die.

She accused Bola the day he visited that she was sure I had been initiated and that he was only covering me up because we were group members sighting my natural love for black colours as my favourite, my routine gym sessions, my use of some slangs when on the phone as an instance.

Bola visited with the information that a close lecturer in school informed him of the calm down of things, further stating that the VC had issued out a memo to all the lecturers to go about their academic duties with the promise of the police being on the trail of the boys who had increased the death toll to a said 13-10.

According to Bola, his lecturer friend said he asked his boys to cease fire until their main targets resume for commencement of lectures.

“So Mr. Ken dey game too? nawa for all diz lecturers ooooooo”, I exclaimed.

Truly lecturers, HOD’s, VC’s, Rectors, Government Office holders sponsor some of these groups secretly ( that’s if they were/are not members) and only a few are aware of the names involved in particular except you are one of them or do get information from a reliable source.

It drew my curiosity further to find out if Bola had more than a close relationship with this man in question or he too was an informant. Could he be playing the same Michael Okpara Justin’s kind of game?

I instructed myself to be more careful in my dealings with him especially with the series of information he had and disclosed secretly to me.

But being a friend I had known for a while now, it would not be proper to just do something drastic like avoiding him suddenly or talking about it with the boys when we resume but rather I should be bold and honest enough to ask him about his involvement in the whole drama.

He laughed in the greatest surprised look I had ever seen and swore he was not and would never be a party to such accusations.

Well, we moved on to other things more important to us till he decided to leave but not without sharing launch with me and my sister, the only Obiano’s in the house.

Summarily my joy had returned knowing I was returning to school in matter of days, at least Ada can enjoy her beans-cooking with “her” beans-eating “mother” and without their consistent nagging, I will be free till when next I return to the Obiano’s house.

As I announced my departure at the dining table during supper, I could notice the sadness on my kid brother’s face, he will surely miss my mentorship, as for my dad I knew the only problem with my departure is the money that would leave his bank account, my mum’s would certainly be the food stuffs that will go missing from her food store and for my sister?

Hmmmmmmmmm.   “That one no send me ooooooo”

The plan was to give them a day to get my things ready, the next day I will be heading for my usual first bus by 6 O’ clock at the motor park.


In anxiety, I lost sleep in the night, by morning  I had packed up more things than I returned from school with and my sister was the only one aware that I had been awake since 11pm till dawn.

She seldom sleeps whenever on that blackberry, it is either she is making/receiving a call or chatting, a phenomenon common amongst most girls is the BB craze and my problem with her on this issue is that after spending sleepless nights, by the early hours of the morning she disturbs everyone with her snore only to wake up by 8, 9 O’clock in the morning except she has serious engagements.

My dad had asked her to drop me at the park that early morning but my “madam” does not consider that as a serious engagement hence her routine midnight chat and I wonder who the ‘unfortunate’ fellow might be, they end up being males and I wonder if they have a job.

Well, it is her business, whatever or whoever she mingles with is none of my concern.

I only need the best for and from her at the end of the day, she is such a nice girl when in her elements, I know these numerous boys must have observed that and should be gunning for something serious than those sleepless night calls and pings.

By morning I stormed her bedroom to find her snoring again, laying helplessly, her phones toher right, the chargers to the left, recharge cards on the floor and so on.

I could tell she had been at her ‘duty’ again, so I woke her up without the slightest form of remorse, reminding her that it was time to head for the park, as she lazily stood up to get ready.

I pleaded with her to just get dressed, she was insisting to take her bath, which will be giving up the journey because her bath will take another one hour, with my mind flashing back to school, remembering those who leave in the school hostel.

Certainly this big sister will not survive there in this her “my way of doing things”.

I had to bribe her with some money our dad had given me before she agreed to just go that way without the bath and she did the extra-ordinary by helping me get the things inside the car, in no time we zoomed out of the compound.

I drove us to the park, her only job was get the car back to the house and I was paying heavily for it, but never mind, I was sure to get my turn soon………that’s how we roll.

After booking the ticket, the time to journey came and we had to end our discussion, she bade me goodbye, heading to reverse the car and head home.

I had secretly collected one of her designer sunglasses, immediately she left, I wore it and snapped a ‘selfie’, posting it as my display picture on blackberry messenger and I know she is bound to see it when she gets to be on her phone.

Half-way on the journey, she had started sending me messages, swearing and cursing me.

“That’s how we roll”, I screamed from my end on the phone.

It beats my imagination that she was not angry, on the contrary she laughed, informing she had stolen one of the two watches I came home with.


For the rest of the journey, I was evaluating between the sunglass and my watch until I got to the hostel.

“This one pain me sha”

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