Six friends live up remarkable moments in their lives in this hilarious weekly thriller that entails suspense, intrigue, jealousy, friendship, pain and laughter as well as morals…….make a date to read  Every week the tale of an ambitious youth on this blog.

Loquacious Obinna (the narrator), intelligent Bola, Notorious Tega, Contentious Ebi, Conservative Yemi and Outgoing Yekini are bound to keep you glued to this script of their lives as it unfolds for you to understand what the average youth goes through, storms they weather and tasks they undertake for the sake of friendship and brotherhood……………of course when the BOYS ARE IN THEIR ELEMENTS, they are bound to be ambitious.

Franca became uncomfortable; she stood up again headed towards the window, looking out.

I called her attention to her phone continuously ringing on the table but she simply ignored in anger which drew my curiosity to mind the caller.

To my surprise, the screen was displaying “TEG BABY” and in my inquisitive nature,  I sat up, trying to ascertain the similarities.

Just as I was imagining if it was the Tega I know, Franca moved outside, the nest thing I heard were arguing voices generating from outside.

I looked out and behold I saw the two pointing fingers at each other; it seemed the heat was intense, I had to intervene in this quickly enough.

I rubbed my hands over my eyes to be sure I was not hallucinating in a case of Tega battering anybody let alone a lady, Franca but it was real.

I rushed to the scene and pushed the man off the lady.

She had already had a swollen jaw and the young man was already bare bodied as a result of the serious jerking she gave him before the “wrestlemania”. 

From the arguments, Franca had given Tega the keys to her Range Rover Utility Vehicle to help her steam the engine and get it washed close by but her friend her maybe hinted her that she say a lady in it.

Yet to ascertain if it was true, she got a shocker that the young man even bashed the two weeks old vehicle.

For a materialistic Franca that is way too difficult to digest.

She went agog in anger, she could not control it and now she has been handed the beating of her life, she resorted to making phone calls.

Again Tega snatched it and smashed it.

Chai!!!, I echoed.

He had even threatened to puncture her tyres right there and then bragging that nothing was going to happen.

I do not who and how she managed to put a call forward to someone but I saw her making a call somewhere hidden and she was answering some questions in the affirmative.

I leaned over to my friend to whisper to his alertness of an impending danger, but he was not listening, he was being persuaded by the public to let the matter die and he promised he will but not without making sure he paid tit for tat as regard what the lady has done to his “designer shirt”.

Joseph had finally arrived at the hostel and gave a call I had to unceremoniously excuse myself since it was urgent and left to get a bus.

I had hardly boarded, when I heard the siren of a quick response police team and rather than join the bus which was heading for a traffic jam I ran instead, in fact maybe that was the mistake I made.

I ran in a zigzag pattern it was a proven skill for dodging danger even way back secondary school days especially from my teachers then.

As I ran to a place I considered safe, I thought of where to go next of course the “boys parliament hostel “was not an option and so as looked out I saw somebody running fast towards me, so I resumed my athletics

Stopping for a while to pant, I turned around and noticed it was Tega.

So we formed an ally as we head to safety.

He suggested Annabel’s house and though I resented, I knew we were two in this mess and it was better to go down as a pair than an individual, so I followed, running from behind till we got to her hostel

Unfortunately, Annabel had locked the doors and traveled with the keys and her phone numbers were unreachable, so we headed up north perhaps to Ali’s place.

We were so close, when Tega received a call that the police had come to pick up some boys from the boys parliament hostel and we should leave the town.

It was related to what had earlier transpired between Franca and Tega so I inquired to know those the police had arrested.

The names were mentioned on the other end of the call: Ebi, Bola,Yekini, Busola, Francis, Okechukwu and one guy by the name Joseph.

I thought to myself

Ah! There is trouble oooooo

The Joseph that was on his own and he was not involved you would say but you should know that it was a raid conducted, therefore those there met were apprehended.

Thanks but no Thanks to the informant, we fled.

We could not stay in Warri anymore.

Our hearts were with our friends in custody, for two days there have been in there and no one apart from I and Tega knew why they were there so we had to give up ourselves at least for the sake of friendship.

We reported to the police station there were kept and made our statements then had them lock us up haven released the others.

We spent another week in custody until Franca came in company of Tega’s parents perhaps they must have done some pleading behind closed doors.

I had developed Malaria in there, though sick as I was my Joy knew no bounds that the boys were here too and we re-united there and then ,we re-grouped discussed and made light the expensive Joke that had led to all this.

That is a guy’s life for you.

Franca wrote the final statement and our clothes were handed us.

She drove off, Tega’s parents sighed in relief, while I was thanking God none of my folks heard about this.

I would have been in a boiling pepper soup because my family would never look at it from my point of view or anyone else’s and so you can understand why I was grateful to the boys for keeping it secret.

By evening we were home, amidst the gossip here and there, the boys are back together and we are on, certainly we are back to our Elements.

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