Six friends live up remarkable moments in their lives in this hilarious weekly thriller that entails suspense, intrigue, jealousy, friendship, pain and laughter as well as morals…….make a date to read  Every week the tale of an ambitious youth on this blog.

Loquacious Obinna (the narrator), intelligent Bola, Notorious Tega, Contentious Ebi, Conservative Yemi and Outgoing Yekini are bound to keep you glued to this script of their lives as it unfolds for you to understand what the average youth goes through, storms they weather and tasks they undertake for the sake of friendship and brotherhood……………of course when the BOYS ARE IN THEIR ELEMENTS, they are bound to be ambitious.

The girls continually attacked one another verbally, till it got to the heights.

The president’s number was switched off; Mr. Caretaker after giving us his word was yet to come and with Cynthia having promised thunder and brimstone, was spotted boarding a cab to the nearby army barracks.

Somebody said she had notably seen her on numerous occasions in the company of those soldiers a couple of times, perhaps she might be dating one or more and after forty-five minutes, she and six soldiers returned in an army van.

I could confirm these ones were really army recruits, not even a star or an eagle on their uniforms, just a badge having their ‘silly’ names crested on it.

“Officer, arrest all of them, they stole my phones”, she commanded.

How sure were we that these ‘small boys’ were even soldiers, as we looked on, waiting to see if these military personals were willing to receive orders from a ‘nobody’ civilian.

The soldiers stood their ground, perhaps wondering what to do to the mass of people, whose attention have been drawn to the melodrama going on, the boys from the hostel two blocks away were hefty dudes whose body built was an evidence that they made use of the gym equipment in their hostel.

They were Gigantic and fierce looking, they looked like touts and we could not stop laughing when one of the soldier-boy asked Cynthia to figure out one person in particular for the arrest.

Aisha got paranoid, spat and screamed at the soldiers when they approached her to apprehend her.

“unawey thin like bamboo stick stil b army?”

The Hulk Hogans, Shun Michaels, Ultimate Warriors, Triple H’s and Great Khalis stepped forward and immediately she was let alone and after two shots fired into the air, the heavily chested dudes deserted our hostel.

“Arrest them”, Cynthia was still insisting.

Once the boys knew they had sparked up an uproar, they zoomed off, leaving Cynthia to her fate, in the hands of an embittered crowd and my God, you need to have seen her get the beating of her life.

That was the height, ‘Almighty’ Cynthia stripped naked and severely bitten by many and when it seems like the crowd’s anger had died down, Mercy and Aisha’s anger seemed emanating.

They had to be forcefully dragged away from the premises to still have Cynthia in one piece, it was clear they were willing to devour the one they call “bitch”.

As everyone opinionated on what had transpired, one anonymous screamed from behind, “ehhh, dis guys don fall dia girlfriend hand, no more sex for them ooooo”.

As we laughed, another chirped in, “she be dia customer?”

“U no know?” The one who raised the issue replied.

aproco, gossip squad, make Cynthia catch una”, added a third.

Finally, the man we have been waiting for arrived. “Oga Caretaker, nawa 4u ooo, we don wait you tire”, I told him. After a handshake

In bitterness, he replied immediately ‘’wetinuna want make I do?’’ shay una don pack her things put outside the gate?

Immediately he made that comment it was his turn to be backlashed by the hostel mates.

Dennis of room 2 mercy’s supposed boyfriend got provoked by the comment and took it personal.

‘’care taker make thunder fire you dia idiot, wetin you mean?’’ dennis questioned.

We timely intervened before both men could reach for harmful objects, each promising to deal with the other.

We, the sympathetic ones helped Cynthia convey her things to another friend’s place, this time a boy.

We bade her goodbye and went back to the boys parliament hostel.

The abusive words that greeted our arrival were too numerous to mention, abuses like ‘’hmmmm’’, ‘’woman wrapper’’, ‘’aproco’’, ‘’Cynthia’s handbags’’, ‘’woman nyash’’ were all but scornful.

I and bola quietly entered our room not giving a damn about what anyone could say, the hostel had had enough for today.

By 8pm, a strange voice ran through the hostel room, commanding everyone to come out for a meeting.

I was the last person to join the already seated audience for the emergency meeting.

Trying to clear sleep off my eyes, the spokesperson seemed a very down-to-earth person.

‘’my man dis one wey u dey sleep by 8pm you wan go club?’’ He asked.

Everyone laughed, as I took my place in their midst.

He continued,

I want to thank everyone for doing the honour of adhering to my invitation for a meeting.

Many of you have not seen me before, so it is necessary to introduce myself as Major General Adisu Kelvin, the landlord of this hostel.

I must confess that all of you are beautiful people but then one wonders why these entire fracas should be emanating from a hostel that has been peaceful since it was built.

This hostel is about eight years old, many students like you have come and gone, I must be candid to let you know that many of you came here because of the positive things you must have heard from others, if that be the case, then why paint a negative picture, is it so that when you pack out the place will eventually be dry due to your misgivings?.

I was stunned, could this be our landlord? I have never seen him before.

As he continued.

How would you feel, if your father owned this hostel, or even your very self and tomorrow this place stops bringing revenue because the place have been given a bad name by some unscrupulous tenants. 

I may not have been visiting frequently but I must tell you am unimpressed especially lately.

But I have been following the events that unfold here, as well as every other investment of mine.

‘’As for you frank, regardless of you being my brother, from today henceforth, you stop being my caretaker in this hostel’’.

Pointing to one light skinned man, he announced him as the new caretaker.

‘’Mr. Iloka here is your new caretaker’’.

‘’Since I called for a meeting and the president chose not to be here, tell him he seizes to be the hostel president and next week when I return here, I hopefully should be meeting your newly elected president. Thank you and God bless you, good night.

He stood up and left in the company of his two security guards.

Everywhere became as chilled as ice, all the noise makers kept calm, I guess like me they too were meeting the landlord for the first time who turned out to be an officer in the Nigeria army.

This wasn’t a recruit at least everyman go bend body respect himself for the sake of nationalpeace,as he stood to leave in the company of his two guards.

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