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Loquacious Obinna (the narrator), intelligent Bola, Notorious Tega, Contentious Ebi, Conservative Yemi and Outgoing Yekini are bound to keep you glued to this script of their lives as it unfolds for you to understand what the average youth goes through, storms they weather and tasks they undertake for the sake of friendship and brotherhood……………of course when the BOYS ARE IN THEIR ELEMENTS, they are bound to be ambitious.

His eyes gazed through the apartment like a detective and like a judge who is determined to pass his verdict on a criminal in a law court.

The other boys from the other hostel had gathered alongside these ones too to cheer up the club they consider the stronger side.

Our room twelve was the “maracana stadia” and like every other football viewing centre, there were bound to be many arguments from the analysts, journalists, fundamentalists, funambulists and “coaches” suggesting and substituting players that should be in the coach’s mind.

They wish there can put a Christiano Ronaldo in Enyimba and take Jose Mourinho to Barcelona. Messi should play 10, Neymar should play 11, Alexis 7. There want Nigeria to win the World cup and make President Good luck Jonathan the new Sepp Blatter.

If they were Arsene Wenger of Arsenal,Theo Walcott would be sold to Nassarawa united and the girls are here but not without sitting close to their football fans of a boyfriend screaming YES YES, We are the Gunners!!!.

Girls of the “BOYS PARLIAMENT HOSTEL” are definitely lively and crazy.

They are known and loved for so many things including football.

They might not know that FIFA is different from UEFA and CAF or know that Lionel Messi has won more than three Spanish league champion’s medal but they do know when a goal is scored and when a player is yellow or red carded

Tonight match is a crucial one and they had the right to be overjoyed especially knowing that FC Chelsea fans in the hostel and those close by bragged about their dominance a lot.

We all have separate reasons for our joy tonight but unitarily, our joy can be summed up at seeing electric power for the first time in four months.

 At least everyone can save their money for contribution to buy fuel for the generator usually for pumping water.

 People can charge their phones, laptops and others in their houses without fear of losing their gadgets in someone else’s place

 And finally to lighten up the place and reduce the risk of roadside robbery

Girls have been raped, bags have been snatched and some have met their death walking those lonely paths home from lecture classes, friend’s place, parties or church.

You can understand why we are excited.

The match boosted our high spirits especially for the main rivalry between Chelsea and Manchester united football clubs for which the crowd have gathered tonight.

A visitor could hardly find space to sit in our room (the viewing center) and the girls were present in their elements to take you to ecstasy with their screams and comments.

“Oh my husbands come and marry me, Theo Walcott”

“Wetin b dat one name, dat handsome boy?” they question

“Okay e name na Fabregas?” They question an answer with another question.

I like Chelsea, the GUnnersssssss !!!.

And just when you are done answering their irrelevant questions, some others are making cynical remarks about your coach then suddenly your side scores.


The girls jump up in excitement to hug the nearest person and the guy near her feels so lucky to have her arms wrapped around him.

He seizes the moment and would not let her go even after the noise had died down and play had resumed.

“Oya leave me naa”. The lady shouts and the crowd looks to their corner.

The gossips would not shut their mouth but for those who have placed a bet know what the stakes are, they are eager and so they pay little or no attention to distractions.

Just when the losing side attempts a shot at goal and it seems it will go in for an equalizer, the power holding company does not care so they interrupt and everywhere is black out.

Immediately bottles chatter, arguments emanate, people’s gadgets, wallets or purse develop wings and fly (stolen) and the girls panic, next thing a shot is heard off the neighbourhood.

Pandemonium everywhere.

People running here and there without an actual know of where the shot was fired.

Those inside their rooms have shut out everyone, so don’t even seek their help, they might not open up because they have their suspicions.

Match viewing comes to an abrupt end; it takes another two hours for the neigbourhood to regain its liveliness and by morning those who were inside are the ones doing the reporting to those who stayed out.

”Have you heard that Mr. A was shot by Mr. G at place B by time C for reason Y ?”

Everyone one begins to opinionate on it for the whole day and if the guy was popular in the whole school, the news stays a whole week or two.

If there are not saying the deceased was a cultist, they say he was a chorister in a fellowship And some say he was both.

An only child, so intelligent, so hardworking, so this and so that and they end it up with “e no go better for d pipu wen kil am” and life goes on, let the mourners mourn. Still he gazes stronger like a fierce descending eagle with its eyes fixed on its prey.

Yemi, the anti Manchester united fan looked unhappy even when his side were two goals up and seems distracted, off his elements.

I was curious to know why he was not happy; at least he could share his problem with me or any of the boys.

I guessed he was foreseeing the troubles that usually accompany public match viewing or perhaps he got a bad news from home.

I pulled him by his boxer shorts asking him the reason for his befallen countenance.

He passed his phone to me and said “take read”

Anxiously I skimmed through the details and read to myself.

“Yemi, it has bin 3 monts of a 1daful xprience havn u as a frnd & doh u hav stated ur desire 2b wit me I stil find it hard to accept ur advances & do wish u stop goin4d seemingly imposibl b4 u cos problems btw me & my bf. I c u as a broda,so pls dnt embaras our friendship. Hav a nice day”………… (She wrote in every student’s pitman shorthand text to conserve credit).

Normally, the boys laugh over such things including his very self and so I found it had to understand why he was making a mountain out of an ant hill.

I laughed, still staring at the phone.

I remember we had deliberated on this issue long ago and he promised he had let go of the girl in question only for him to bring this up.

I laughed again, still laughing as I handed his phone back.

And to my amazement he was …………………..

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