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Loquacious Obinna (the narrator), intelligent Bola, Notorious Tega, Contentious Ebi, Conservative Yemi and Outgoing Yekini are bound to keep you glued to this script of their lives as it unfolds for you to understand what the average youth goes through, storms they weather and tasks they undertake for the sake of friendship and brotherhood……………of course when the BOYS ARE IN THEIR ELEMENTS, they are bound to be ambitious.

They were at loggerheads once again, who else if not Cynthia, Mercy and Aisha, her roommate.

As a matter of fact, if every one of us in this hostel was to cast our votes for their eviction, I am sure everyone would turn out.

As Characteristic of female arguments, it is bound to end up in clapping of hands, screaming on top their voices and finally opening up one another’s closets and washing their dirty linings in public without the slightest form of disgust or remorse.

One accuses the other of boyfriend or sugar-daddy snatching, another of series of abortions she had carried out for one hopeless boy, another talks about how many underwear her friend had stolen since she packed into the hostel and how many female handless tops have gone missing.

The quarrel goes on for hours until intervention comes in, just when an unlucky guy approaches the issue, a typical nasty girl is quick to run him down with her venomous mouth, accusing him of illegal fondling of her private parts in the name of coming to separate the fight.

Cynthia is a typical version, when she quarrels, the wise ones avoid her before she dehumanizes you with that gutter she calls a mouth and come to think of it, who allowed her into the BOYS PARLIAMENT HOSTEL?

We cannot remember when she paid rent here; we only know she started ‘squatting’ with the bona fide hostel mates of room fifteen, being Mercy and Aisha before she assumed the office of chief-mouth piece of inhabitants of room 15.

Before now, she had been the one raising unnecessary points in hostel meetings, she is the sole reason for the separate camps we now have in the hostel, I guess she disliked the way she lived like family that indeed is witchcraft personified.

She has her tools for manipulations and her comrades adore her every suggestion and move, helping her achieve her aim of disunity, some had accused the hostel president of being sidelined into her purse.

This was a clear moment for Aisha to let us know of the series of sex marathon the president have had with her, as well as the caretaker of the hostel but to Cynthia, if the plan was to degrade her person, then the other party might as well consider him or herself talking to a log of wood, flogging a dead horse.

She is proud to let you know she had sold her shame to the dogs; hence she is unafraid and shameless.

Now I remember this time many months ago, when Aisha approached us, being the most influential dudes in the hostel, seeking our opinion if she should help her distressed friend in the person of Cynthia, not knowing how her roommate Mercy was going to take it.

Mercy hardly swallows anything she considers as rubbish or in light terms, anything she considers as being out of place and point two was, after helping her make ‘almighty’ Mercy agree to the proposal, we did help convince the caretaker to allow the trio share their room supposedly for just two (Mercy and Aisha), with exception to ours.

Only our room was given that privilege and we did not toil with it, regardless of how crazy we could get at times.

The law was simple; every room accepts visitors but not permanent visitors who exchange their visitor-ship for hostel mates.

The condition, on which the caretaker let Cynthia in, was that she was going to stay with the girls temporarily whilst she continues the search for a hostel, pending when she gets money from home and when she finds one suitable to her taste.

I guess the money never came or no other hostel suited her taste except ours, where she had crept up the ladder from being a mere ‘squatted’ to room owner and in recent events, assistant landlady and a step higher than the caretaker.

Well, if not for her misbehaviours, her reasons she gave for refusing the school girls hostel was quit understandable to some of us, who did want to be considerate at some point to letting her in and accepting her as one of our own.

In the school hostel, time was allocated for doing any and everything including sleeping, cooking, leaving for lectures, toileting, visitations, washing and so on.

She was indeed right on her points when she analyzed them each, starting with sleeping.

She said being a year one student, the one room they shared had eight double-decker six-spring beds, meaning each room had sixteen roommates, all with different attitudes and upbringings from their respective homes.

The upper part of each of them was meant for the juniors, which for her kind of person that loves to roll over while sleeping, is no good, stating that most times she ended up falling to the ground, if she continued,one of those days she wouldhave broken her head or spine or both.

She also had problems with the rest of the girls, many of whom snore when they sleep especially at night when she attempts to read.

On the issue of cooking, everyone knew what you are preparing for breakfast, lunch or dinner, since the decree is for all cooking to be done outside, on the passage-way precisely, only those bold enough did contrary with the help of their roommates and that is if one was blessed enough to have such understanding ‘rummies’.

As for leaving the dormitory for lectures, the Man O’ war (the school’s paramilitary security outfit) made life miserable for defaulters, for when it is time for lectures, they conduct a routine check to ensure not one person is still in the hostel be it male or female.

Considering that sometimes, the female ovulation system does not help matters or the possibility of sudden ailment may come up, the security unit does not care especially considering that some unscrupulous elements carry out theft using so many parameters as excuses, therefore everyone must exit the rooms at the appropriate time.

On the issue of toileting, comments are best reserved, but necessary to say that many are from homes with poor hygiene and end up bringing such bad habits to school, consider the queue and the messy nature of the toilets and bathrooms, she can be forgiven for the refusal.

Visitation was another point worthy of mention, there in scripted on the gate is the visitation hour from Monday through Sunday and violators are those bold enough to stand the eyes popping from different corners, use of profane languages as abuses fly in and finally the embarrassment of the day if caught by members of the security unit at inappropriate time or worst still being poured with laundry water, buckets usually containing some dirty linings asobtainable in the female hostel or being stripped in the male’s with the most regrettable being washing and vacations where clothes, shoes get missing and once school vacates, everyone is given a deadline to evacuate the building regardless of your reasons of wanting to stay behind.

Some final year students doing their project work are not even considered and this thus finally leads to them ‘squatting’ with those off the campus who must have paid heavy sums just for convenience and to avoid such embarrassments.

Little wonder, some females residing in school hostels make all necessary efforts to get at least a boyfriend or two to live off them or better still ask nice friends to understand their plights and it is on such notes that troublesome Cynthia was allowed here only for her to turn out a mischief maker and havoc wrecker.

We are yet to see to the end of this.

As the three girls quarrel, calls have been put forward to the president who is away and also the caretaker to come and assist in the restoration of peace and sanity.

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