The Igbos of mainly South Eastern Nigeria (Igbos are also found in the South-south and parts of the middle belt) have been touted as one of the most industrious and creative set of blacks on earth. The Biafran/Nigerian civil war fought in 1966-1970, gave rise to a time of Igbo/Biafran technological advancements. Many great feats were achieved with little or no material in a short time in a hostile environment. Below are a few of the Biafran war technology led by Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu.

BIAFRAN ARMOURED SCORPION BAZOOKA TANK: This tank is equipped with anti tank gun and can rotate 360 degrees.

Biafran Bazooka2

BIAFRAN RED DEVIL: This is considered one of the greatest feats of the Biafran Research and Production Unit (RPU). What made this Armoured tank a feat was that it was designed like an armoured personal carrier tank but equipped with hidden high powered anti tank guns with ability to shoot targets with precision from all angles at 360 degrees. How Biafran  Research and Production Unit got to know about this esoteric technology in the 1960s when it was only known by a few western powers…TILL THIS DAY REMAINS A MYSTERY!


BIAFRAN ARMOURED PERSONNEL CARRIER TANK: This war time invention made in the 60’s when African technology was still in darkness, looks like  this rare an alien spacecraft. 

Biafran Amoured Personel Carrier

BIAFRAN TANK AND ARMOURED CAR: This Armoured Car usually equipped with high powered machine guns or simply used as a reconnaissance armoured vehicle.

Biafran Tank

Biafran armoured car

BIAFRAN REFINERY OR BIAFRAN POT: Biafran heavily crafted crude oil refinery column called Biafran pot. Pay attention to the precision of welds and metal quality. Over Hundreds of these were manufactured, along with series of piping manifolds, brought refined oil…diesel, kerosene, fuel and aviation fuel for military, government, public and private use. Mere looking at it, it may seem like a simple design, wait until you visit the museum and physically inspect it to appreciate the work of these geniuses. All of the valves you see are a function of distillation process that separates the crude into derivative constituent fuels; each valve streaming out diesel, kerosene, fuel, e.t.c.

Biafran Refinery

OJUKWU BUNKER: This military bunker located in Umuahia is a wonder. When western delegates visited this bunker after the war, they were shocked that blacks could build such a sophisticated bunker with air control and ventilation systems as far back as 1960s…a technology only known to top western countries at the time. These Biafran engineers were way ahead of their time!

Some say the civil war was not only a secession war, it was a war of technology; to stop Biafra technology prowess and ascendence before it’s too late!

Ojukwu Bunker

OGBUNIGWE (OJUKWU BUCKET OR MASS KILLER): The ogbunigwe is a deadly mass destruction missile popular in the civil war era and made the federal troops jittery.


BIAFRAN GRENADE LAUNCHER: Biafran Grenade Launcher used to launch the dreaded grenade “Ogbunigwe” (mass killer when interpreted in English)

Grenade launcher